A Standard Representation of Political Beliefs 

       The most often used representation for political beliefs is a line, where from left to right, all political views fit within. A model of this looks like the following:

PI - line.png

       This representation is fairly accurate but fails to capture how intelligent, logical, beneficial, or successful ideas and beliefs are. One interesting thing to note from this left-right spectrum is that ‘liberals’ are often conservative, or to the right, and ‘conservatives’ are often liberal, or to the left, depending upon the issue. Some of those issues are gun control, the environment, energy, certain aspects of free speech, campaign finance laws, mask wearing, etc. Anyone who hates liberalism or conservatism needs to realize that they probably favor each ideology at separate times.


My Representation of Political Beliefs

       I believe political beliefs are better represented with either a 3x3 or 3x2 table as shown below.

Political Beliefs 2.png

My Beliefs and Position

       The problem I see in politics today is that lower left and lower right supporters and elected officials have taken over a sizable portion of the Democratic and Republican Parties. Rational thought and discussion seems to be lacking at the moment, mainly because of how dominant these two groups have become. This country does not necessarily need to get closer to the ‘center’ in ideology, but instead, needs to move up. The more we elect those from the middle and upper spectrums, the greater the stability, problem solving, and effectiveness we will have in government.

        I want to create a base within the Democratic Party that is full of people who routinely have thoughts and ideas that would be classified as belonging to the upper left, mid left, upper right, and mid right. I want to build around those who can have an honest discussion on issues without getting triggered. I would consider myself to be anti-lower left and anti-lower right. Those in the lower left and lower right deserve to live as happy a life as anyone else, but they should not be in charge of this country and they should not be making decisions for all of us. In trying to generalize my political beliefs, I would say that 60% are middle/upper left and 40% are middle/upper right. I tend to be more liberal than conservative, but it depends on the issue.