My Proposal

       As it stands today, both parties in Congress have shown to be fiscally irresponsible when they have power. Both put forward budgets that continue to increase our national debt to historic levels. In order to stop these never-ending increases, I am in favor of limiting any congressional budget proposal to be no greater than 95% of the prior year’s revenue. I would be in favor of keeping this locked in until our debt is reduced to a more reasonable level, $15 - $20 trillion, or until our debt-to-GDP ratio goes back down under 40%. Under this proposal, I wouldn’t care if Congress lowered taxes even further to pass a fiscally conservative budget of around $3 trillion or if they increased taxes to pass a fiscally liberal budget of over $5 trillion. Either option is acceptable to me. The only thing I care about right now is ending this era of fiscal irresponsibility and finally getting us back to passing balanced budgets.