Why Reform?

       There are two issues I have with letting the president nominate federal judges and Supreme Court justices. The first is that more often than not these days, judges are being nominated more for their ability to advance the proposals of a party and less for the quality of their decision making. The second is the excessive influence it has on presidential elections. By giving the president the power to nominate, voters are always aware that who they choose could affect the makeup of the Supreme Court. Even if a voter prefers a certain candidate, they may vote differently because of this influence. Our system works best when voters choose candidates based off their proposals, ideas, and beliefs, not who can sway SCOTUS to either side.


My Proposal

       For these reasons, I am in favor of ending the president’s ability to nominate and instead transfer that power over to the Senate Majority and Senate Minority Leaders. Under this proposal, both leaders would collectively nominate judges and justices. This would end the partisan selection of judges and justices, help ensure they have no ties to either party, and it would take away the unnecessary influence Supreme Court nominations have on presidential elections.