The Vagueness of Pro-Choice

       When people claim to be pro-choice, they are often using a term that is quite vague and gives little understanding to what their actual position is. For example, if one person believes that abortions should be allowed up until week 10, another person until week 15, a third until week 20, and a fourth until week 25, then all four can claim to be pro-choice (and pro-life as well), yet all four have very different positions. The takeaway here is that unless someone is always pro-life (many are) or always pro-choice (few are), then their position on abortion comes down to when they make the switch from being pro-choice to pro-life. People should try to figure out the week or range of weeks in which they make that switch, instead of defining themselves as either category, especially since they don’t always apply.


Formulating a Position on Abortion

       In my opinion, the best way to begin to formulate a position on abortion is to view the development of a fetus in the womb week by week (WebMD is a good place to start). In reading and looking at the changes that occur, one should get a sense of when they are completely in favor and completely opposed. There are many other factors involved in determining ones stance on abortion, but I do believe this is the best place to start.

       I also believe that one of the best questions to pose when formulating a position on abortion is: ‘when should the future life of the mother, considering all the long-term and short-term consequences of having a baby, be placed ahead of the life of the unborn child/fetus/clump of cells, and when should the life of the child/fetus/clump of cells be placed ahead of the future life of the mother?’


My Position

       After looking at the development of a fetus and asking myself the previous question, I make the switch from being pro-choice to pro-life somewhere between weeks 11 and 12.